Inject productivity to your existing servers

PCN now offers VMware professional solutions and can help you achieve cost cutting goals by simplifying your IT infrastructure. By consolidating your multiple server environments, virtualization will reduce your capital expenses and improve operating expenses through automation. For businesses that need to scale down their IT staff or eliminate it altogether, you can begin by consolidating servers and limiting additional hardware expenses. Virtualization lets you get more out of your existing servers and limit the physical resources you need to manage, power, store, and buy, directly impacting your bottom line immediately.

Some of the benefits of Virtualization include:
  • Modify your existing servers to virtual servers
  • Consolidate multiple servers to a single piece of hardware
  • Reduce expenses by lowering hardware, maintenance, and warranty costs
  • Use less physical space and reduce power and cooling requirements
  • Maximize efficiency without compromising performance
Virtualization provides an ideal solution for businesses attempting to consolidate multiple servers to fewer physical devices