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HP laser printer hack raises concern, millions vulnerable (updated)
It's a good idea to be aware of tech savvy disgruntled employees

Hardware, Software, and Services Combo Make iPhone 4S Magic
While many have complained that the new iphone 4s offers little difference from the iphone 4, there are some useful and applicable differences. I do however think the model fell short of expectations.
Forrester Says Windows 8 Tablets Are Dead-on-Arrival
The trend continues with Microsoft. Their Metro OS is awesome and in many ways superior to ios and android, but they are (as usual) late for the party.

 iOS vs. Android: Lots of stats, little clarity
Looking at an array of numbers about how Apple and Google are doing in the mobile market is fascinating--but the more data you consider, the murkier things get. Read this blog post by Harry McCracken on Challengers.
Who knew that Thailand was the world's second largest manufacturer of hard drives after China. Due to major flooding in Thailand, HD manufacturers are certain this will have a significant impact on suppliers. What does this mean for consumers? Expect price increases across the board.
Use encryption, keep your software up-to-date, disable images in e-mail, scan e-mail attachments for viruses, use a nonadministrator Windows account, scan for viruses manually, and use a secure-erase utility to destroy old data. Read this blog post by Dennis O'Reilly on How To.
For most people buying the iphone4s, the decision has been Siri driven. AI apps are going to be pretty common across multiple platforms very soon so buyers should not be making decisions soley on that one factor.

Siri has become the star feature of the new iPhone 4S. The voice recognition technology blends convenient utility with a dash of techno-personality. It's capable of managing contacts, taking dictation for an email, and offering up witty banter about a seemingly endless variety of subjects.
We love both Android and iOS, but the open nature of Android just means it can do things others just can't. Here are our favorite Android apps and features that you won't find on its Apple-clad brethren.
This edition of Ask Maggie helps a reader choose the right Google Android smartphone on Verizon's network and offers some advice on upcoming Microsoft Windows Phones. Read this blog post by Marguerite Reardon on Signal Strength.
This is a good comparison to read if you are torn to make a decision. Just keep in mind that the new Android 4.0 OS Aka Ice Cream Sandwich ICS) has not been released yet.

The overwhelming demand for the Apple iPhone 4S is understandable. But today's top Android phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S II offer plenty of unique features. How do you know which side to choose?