Spam Protection

Stop spam email once and for all

SPAM email has become an overwhelming problem for businesses and their email systems representing 80% of all email received. While your employees are spending their time sifting through the clutter in their inbox, spam continues to flow in bringing with it viruses, spyware, and malware which can potentially bring down your mail server and corrupt company data.

PCN has a cost effective, scalable, and convenient way to eliminate spam by 95%. Our solution requires no additional hardware and is a fraction of the cost of what other spam protection solutions offer.

The real benefit of our spam protection solution is how it easily integrates with your mail system and Microsoft Outlook allowing for a real-time view of incoming spam mail providing the users with the ability to see what is getting blocked and if legitimate email has been flagged as spam. This control also allows the end user to teach the spam filter by simply dragging unwanted email that may get through into a quarantine folder eliminating future intrusions.