Remote Access Solutions

Your office, your data – Anywhere, Anytime!

Let’s face it. 9 to 5 is a thing of the past and many of us need to have constant access to our network and data. Today’s aggressive approach to business requires instant access on demand with no interruptions or delays.

PCN offers a secure and simplified way to achieve remote access for a variety of scenarios while keeping your costs down and your productivity up. Regardless of the remote access requirements your business needs, PCN can formulate the ideal solution for you.

Introducing our Global Link – building your digital bridge
  • Have offices in New York and London and finding yourself emailing files between the two locations? That just isn’t practical or secure.
  • Maybe you have your main offices in Europe with satellite offices in North and South America and need everyone to be accessing the same database.
Using the technology available today with current and secure methods, PCN can tunnel together your global locations creating one shared and secure network. Let PCN build your digital bridge.