What Is Outsourcing?

It is often described as the concept of taking internal company functions and paying an outside firm to handle them. Outsourcing is done to save money, improve quality, or free company resources for other activities. In terms of IT, outsourcing can take many forms. A company, for instance, may outsource its whole IT operation, so that another outsourcing firm provides the hosting and maintenance of its servers and ensures that the system runs smoothly and runs its application development. This would be a total outsourcing solution. It is the practice of turning-over responsibility of some to all of an organization's information systems applications and operations to an outside firm.

Why outsource with PCN today?

Bottom line, it will save you money. The cost of hiring one or more full or part time employees to manage your IT infrastructure will always be greater than going with an outsource solution. After calculating salary, health benefits, vacation and sick pay, the cost of the average network administrator is between $65 - $120K. Because you will not be supplying your outsourced IT solutions provider with benefits, the cost will be minimal in comparison. For small and mid-sized businesses, having a full time network administrator more often than not proves to be a liability rather than an asset due to the small and mid-sized business support requirements that do not justify the hiring or employment of a full or part time employee. Often the employee that is in this situation becomes under exposed to new technology and finds themselves in a stale environment. An outsourced company offers a network team with diversified experience to various and new technologies due to being exposed on a daily basis to a wide spectrum of businesses and platforms.

In most cases, a PCN technician will be assigned to specific clients, which means you are seeing the same face every time. This is a win win situation because the technician becomes familiar with the network, the employees, and the company policies while you, the client become familiar with the technician. One of our leading goals at PCN is creating relationships with our clients and establishing an environment based on a familiar trust and reliability. We want you to count on us.

How will the Outsourcing process work?

PCN begins the process with a full on site survey. A technician will arrive on location to look at the various systems in place. Based on the data we obtain from the survey, we will customize and recommend a support solution that will fit the needs of your individual network. Upon approval and from that point forward, PCN will now maintain and support your network. This means that at certain intervals throughout the week, PCN will keep the systems updated and protect and monitor the health of the network. If there is a problem, PCN responds immediately by sending over an available technician to repair the problem. In most cases, a problem can be repaired instantly via remote access. By using PCN to maintain and protect your network, you are using a proactive approach to securing the stability of your network. This will always save you money in the long run.