Internet and Failover Solutions

Time is too valuable to be interrupted by internet outages

Today’s fast pace business environment requires fast and reliable Internet Access. With a variety of options available (DSL, ADSL, Cable, Fiber optic OC3, T1, T3) choosing which type or types will depend on availability and your business requirements. We can determine that for you.

PCN can quickly establish if your current ISP is working out for you. Using our bandwidth monitoring tools we may find that your current provider and plan may exceed your requirements or they may not be providing you with the full bandwidth that you are paying for each month. Either way, we have the knowledge and tools to take the appropriate actions to get you the speed you need.

Our Failover Option

For businesses that want to minimize their downtime due to internet outages, we offer a reliable failover solution that is designed to keep your internet up and running even in the event of an ISP outage. Our cost effective solution will automatically switch to an alternate carrier seamlessly thus eliminating any interruption of internet access and keep the Internet and your emails flowing with no downtime and no interruption of internet related services.